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Akriti is involved in many state projects and do many activities, few are as below 

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Hyderabad Is Life Science Capital Of India Over $100 Billion By 2030: KTR

“Telangana recognises medical devices and diagnostics sector as a high potential, high growth sector, which presents unlimited opportunities. The MDP underscores our intent to reduce the country’s dependence on imports. The government is committed to strengthening the State’s manufacturing capabilities which will help attract even greater investments in medical device product segments ranging from capital equipment, implantable devices, diagnostics, and consumables. We aim to make this park, not just a global factory for the world but a global MedTech innovation ecosystem,” Rama Rao said.

India is among the countries recently named as likely to have the strongest gains in developing next-generation life-saving products and rapid diagnostics manufacturing, to meet the urgent healthcare needs of the world in the coming years. “During this period of tremendous growth in both the Indian economy and its healthcare sector, coupled with availability of skilled human resource and low operation costs, it is a critical time to capitalise on the opportunities in the medical devices sector available within India, and particularly in the MDP of Hyderabad,” he said. Hyderabad is home to many precision engineering and plastic manufacturers capable of handling multiple types of materials. Also, the availability of talent pool from academic and research and training centres supports the medical devices segment.


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KTR Inaugurated Akriti’s Eye Care Manufacturing Unit

With the country aging rapidly, and the incidence of increased screen usage, the need for eye care has also gone up. There are no major manufacturers in India for eyewear products such as eye frames and lenses. Most of the products are imported from South East Asia. Akriti is the first company in India to manufacture end-to-end eyewear, reading glasses, safety glasses, diagnostics products, and ophthalmic surgical implants. These are being manufactured on a large scale through government and private partnerships, and made accessible and affordable to the common man.

Akriti Oculoplasty Logistics was conceived in May 2007, with the objective of importing and exporting eye care products, and to provide unique products in Ophthalmology, especially ones which have limited supply.

Founded by and run under the able leadership of Dr. Kuldeep Raizada and Deepa Raizada, Akriti has entered various domains such as Oculoplasty, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Sports Vision Therapy and various kinds of new technology in the area of eye prosthesis.'


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Dr Raizada CEO & Chairman,

Meet Health Minister of Telangana and Hand Over the sovenior  of eye safety Products, Proudly Made in Telangana